Pets & Furry Friends Meals on Wheels

Co-Leader: Jo Rita, Brenda & Jenny

Our pets are companions, comforters in times of sorrow, cheerleaders in times of joy, and unconditional souls of support. We always appreciate help to our cause to provide our Meals on Wheels recipients a way to support their animal companions. 

The year 2022 makes our 7th year of delivering pet food to some of our Meals on Wheels recipients. 

This past year has seen few changes in the number of families we deliver to.  We are always happy to welcome new furry friends and, when we lose some due to the recipient’s pet passing, we grieve alongside them. 

We are currently at the smallest number we’ve delivered to.  Right now, we are feeding three small dogs and three cats. 

We welcomed Jo Rita McMurray to our team this year.  Jo Rita has been a generous benefactor over the years and we are blessed to have her help in our endeavor to keep the 4-legged friends fed.

We can only do what we do because of the generosity of a few other church members who love animals as much as we do.  To the ones we know (and also the ones who wish to stay anonymous), a big Thank You!!!