Committee Chair: David Reames

Are you tech savvy?  The A/V Ministry is always looking for volunteers!  Some of our A/V projects/responsibilities include:

Videotaping services & events, taking pictures, running sound systems, setting up all video, lighting, wired and wireless microphone equipment, upgrading & maintaining computers, monitors, software, security systems, etc.  You don’t have to be a techno-geek, just willing to learn!  We’d love for you to get involved!

In the years 2020 & 2021, we responded (and learned a lot) quickly to transition our Worship Service to Drive-In due to COVID-19. We’ve added video capabilities, cameras, lighting equipment, quality tripod, wired and wireless microphone equipment suited to the camera.  We also repurpose older equipment from our sound equipment as needed.  We’ve   added a computer & video editing software, and learned how to use them!  There is a perpetual learning curve as we update and add equipment to enhance both our indoor and outdoor worship.  We also broadcast our services to cars in the parking lot and nearby vicinity of FM radio.  We monitor temperatures for the kitchen freezers & refrigerator.

A/V is an enabling ministry at Holy Trinity.  We do not decide on programming or outreach projects or evangelism opportunities.  Rather, we help staff and members and committees do their work.