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In 1917 Holy Trinity was established to be the Lutheran congregation in Kingsport.  Soon after the first building was built for Holy Trinity, Pastor Huffard organized the first robed choir in Kingsport, the children's choir of Holy Trinity.  From that founding, Holy Trinity has always held a prominent presence in the music community of Kingsport.  The present nave and sanctuary were built in 1972 and one of the few tracker organs in the region was installed. 


As decades roll on, the world changes.  However, Holy Trinity's diverse music program remains strong.  We are proud to say that our tracker pipe organ has survived the changing world and is the only tracker organ in our region that is still in active use.  Not only does our organ accompany choirs and lead worship services, it's the most used organ in Kingsport for teaching and concerts.  This is because the congregation has held to a vision and that in our music, God is glorified. 


After 45 years of faithful service, our treasured instrument was refurbished, revoiced, and updated this year.  A Zimbelstern (bell star) was added to the organ case in memory of Mr. Michael Frazier, one of Holy Trinity's late and beloved organists and directors.  Mr. Frazier helped to educate the importance and spearhead the future of the organ by creating the ThirdSunday at Three concert series.  Thanks to the generous donors from over the years and Frazier memorials, we were able to take care of the needs of the organ from the wear of time. 


W. Zimmer and Sons

Charlotte, North Carolina

Opus 90: 1972

Tracker Action

27 Ranks;

1,265 Pipes


 Subass             16'

Spitzprincipal   8'

Choralbass        4'

Spitzflote         4'

Mixture            III

 Fagott                         16'

 Hauptwerk + Pedal

 Ruckpositiv + Pedal


Principal           8'

Gedackt           8'

Gemshorn        8'

Oktave             4'

Spillflote          4'

Flachflote         2'

  Mixture          III-V

Trompete         8'

Ruckpositiv + Hauptwerk


Quintadena      8'

Koppelflote      4'

Principal           2'

Nasat           11/3'

Sesquialtera      II

 Shalmei-Regal 8'

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